SPACELINE Current Awareness Lists

SPACELINE Current Awareness Lists, compiled weekly, contain citations to articles from peer-reviewed journals and other recent publications of interest in the space life sciences. The first part of each list cites scientific publications by investigators whose research derives from Space Biology and Human Research Program support in NASA's Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, as well as other relevant NASA-affiliated research. Starting in 2014, NASA entries include the Journal Impact Factor and funding acknowledgements. The second part of each list contains citations to publications of interest in the space life sciences, not supported by NASA.

Changes through the years:
2005 - Until June 2005, the NASA section included only publications deriving from the Human Research Program.
2013 - The Lists were suspended at the end of December.
2014 - The Lists restarted publication in May, with NASA entries including a Journal Impact Factor and Funding acknowledgements.

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