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Project Title:  Behavior Tracking Software Enhancement and Integration of a Feedback Module Reduce
Fiscal Year: FY 2010 
Division: Human Research 
Research Discipline/Element:
HRP BHP:Behavioral Health & Performance (archival in 2017)
Start Date: 07/09/2010  
End Date: 07/08/2012  
Task Last Updated: 11/15/2010 
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Principal Investigator/Affiliation:   Thompson, John  Ph.D. / Horizon Performance 
Address:  121 Edinburgh S. Drive, Suite 214 
Cary , NC 27511-6490 
Phone: (919) 674-6644  
Congressional District:
Organization Type: INDUSTRY 
Organization Name: Horizon Performance 
Joint Agency:  
Project Information: Grant/Contract No. NNX10CB02C 
Responsible Center: NASA JSC 
Grant Monitor: Leveton, Lauren  
Center Contact: 
Solicitation / Funding Source: SBIR Phase II 
Grant/Contract No.: NNX10CB02C 
Project Type: GROUND 
Flight Program:  
TechPort: No 
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Human Research Program Elements: (1) BHP:Behavioral Health & Performance (archival in 2017)
Human Research Program Risks: (1) Team:Risk of Performance and Behavioral Health Decrements Due to Inadequate Cooperation, Coordination, Communication, and Psychosocial Adaptation within a Team (IRP Rev F)
Human Research Program Gaps: (1) Team02:Given the context of long duration missions, what are the best tools to effectively monitor and measure task performance, teamwork, and psycho-social performance? (Wordsmithed, now Team Gap 2, per IRP Rev D)
Task Description: Horizon Performance designed a Behavior Tracking Software System to collect crew member behavior throughout a mission, giving NASA the capability to monitor behavioral patterns that may identify if crews are at increased risk related to interpersonal or psychosocial problems. Building upon the alpha version of the software developed as a part of the Phase I SBIR, the proposed software will allow crewmembers and/or personnel watching video footage to periodically document salient crewmember behaviors which will then be used to identify behavioral patterns. When a behavioral pattern is identified and deemed important to investigate, users would be able to review all collected data. Furthermore, this software includes an integrated feedback module that offers automated reports based on identified behavioral patterns. Flight surgeons can create a knowledge base of feedback based on specific attributes or behavioral patterns, and the software will then generate automated feedback reports based upon identified attributes or behavioral patterns. Flight surgeons will be able to: 1) generate a variety of reports that describe crew member behavioral patterns; 2) use the behavioral timestamps to view incidents of behaviors on video footage; 3) compare behaviors with other data (e.g., performance reports); and, 4) generate feedback reports.

POTENTIAL NASA COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS: The Behavior Tracking Software System is designed to monitor flight crew behavior and behavioral patterns for the purpose of identifying potential interpersonal and psychosocial issues (e.g., team cohesion) and automatically generating appropriate feedback. In addition to the needs of the Human Research Program ISS Medical Operations Constellation Program (Lander and Lunar Habitat Projects), the Behavior Tracking Software System has several potential NASA applications in the Exploration Systems Directorate, Space Operations Directorate, and NASA Agency Training and Development Office. These applications include personnel selection, personnel training, tracking employee and team performance, team selection, assessment centers, human behavior research, and leadership development.

Research Impact/Earth Benefits: Several organizations have expressed interest in the ability to record occurrences of behavior, identify behavioral patterns, easily view video of when behaviors occurred, and generate automated feedback based on the occurrences of behaviors. The Behavior Tracking Software System could be used by the U.S. military and law enforcement groups for monitoring human performance for personnel selection and training, as well as assisting with the identification and treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Horizon Performance currently is under contract with U.S. Army Special Forces to assist with the monitoring of student performance during training. Horizon Performance recognizes the increased demand for tools that can help trainers monitor and evaluate performance in austere environments. Other industries plagued by monitoring people working in austere environments, such as mines, could also use this software. For health care, doctors could monitor outpatient recovery by allowing patients and their caretakers to assess a patient during recovery or after an intervention. In athletics, coaches and trainers could use this software to monitor an athlete's performance by connecting behavioral assessments to video footage. Coaches could generate performance reports that show behavioral patterns which would guide coaches and trainers to specific points during a performance. They could then review video footage at these points and use them to further enhance an athlete's performance.

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Task Progress: New project for FY2010. Reporting not required for this SBIR Phase 2 project.

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