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Project Title:  Just-in-Time Simulation Platform Reduce
Fiscal Year: FY 2008 
Division: Human Research 
Research Discipline/Element:
HRP SHFH:Space Human Factors & Habitability (archival in 2017)
Start Date: 07/15/2008  
End Date: 07/14/2010  
Task Last Updated: 09/24/2009 
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Principal Investigator/Affiliation:   Megahed, Abe  B.S. / Planet LLC/Orbital Technologies Corporation 
Address:  1212 Fourier Drive 
Madison , WI 53717-1961 
Phone: (608) 827-5555  
Congressional District:
Organization Type: INDUSTRY 
Organization Name: Planet LLC/Orbital Technologies Corporation 
Joint Agency:  
Project Information: Grant/Contract No. NNJ07JB13C 
Responsible Center: NASA JSC 
Grant Monitor: Woolford, Barbara  
Center Contact: 218-483-3701 
Solicitation / Funding Source: SBIR Phase II 
Grant/Contract No.: NNJ07JB13C 
Project Type: GROUND 
Flight Program:  
TechPort: No 
No. of Post Docs:  
No. of PhD Candidates:  
No. of Master's Candidates:  
No. of Bachelor's Candidates:  
No. of PhD Degrees:  
No. of Master's Degrees:  
No. of Bachelor's Degrees:  
Human Research Program Elements: (1) SHFH:Space Human Factors & Habitability (archival in 2017)
Human Research Program Risks: (1) Train:Risk of Performance Errors Due to Training Deficiencies
Human Research Program Gaps: (1) SHFE-TRAIN-03: We need to develop guidelines for effective onboard training systems that provide training traditionally assumed for pre-flight. (IRP Rev F. Previously: How can onboard training systems be designed to address Just in Time (JIT) and recurrent training needs for nominal and off nominal scenarios?)
Task Description: Identification and Significance of the Innovation: Long duration spaceflight and exploration missions will require complex operations and demanding tasks. A better system for creation of intelligent simulations will be needed to prepare future crews for the rigors ahead. The software system proposed will create a method for authoring intelligent 3D simulations for training and operations support without the need for high-level programming. An authoring tool of this type will allow NASA subject matter experts to capture their knowledge and build a simulation from it, or allow developers to create scenario-based simulations for troubleshooting and repair. This tool will also be more cost effective than hardware. A specific and immediate use will be for EVA training, particularly when a EVA or IVA task needs to designed during a mission and the simulation delivered just prior to execution.

• Objectives and Deliverables: Fully functional NASA Astronaut training system. After a successful tool test is complete, training materials and user-guide documentation will be completed. This will allow PLANET LLC to train a number of NASA personnel on the system, and prepare the software for commercial release.

Research Impact/Earth Benefits: Hypercosm is currently being used by USA in its training platform known as Questus, integrated applications and tools specifically for space operations.

Task Progress & Bibliography Information FY2008 
Task Progress: New project for FY2008. Reporting not required for this SBIR Phase 2 project.

[Ed. note: added to Task Book in September 2009 when received information on this task]

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