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Project Title:  Insights Into the Impacts of Continuous, Low Dose-Rate Neutron Radiation Exposure on Maternal and Fetal Skeletal Physiology Reduce
Images: icon  Fiscal Year: FY 2023 
Division: Space Biology 
Research Discipline/Element:
Space Biology: Animal Biology: Vertebrate  
Start Date: 06/01/2023  
End Date: 05/31/2024  
Task Last Updated: 06/13/2023 
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Principal Investigator/Affiliation:   Allaway, Heather  Ph.D. / Louisiana State University and A&M College 
Address:  Kinesiology 
2139 Huey P Long Field House 
Baton Rouge , LA 70803-0001 
Phone: 321-431-8318  
Congressional District:
Organization Type: UNIVERSITY 
Organization Name: Louisiana State University and A&M College 
Joint Agency:  
Lau, Anthony  Ph.D. College of New Jersey 
Project Information: Grant/Contract No. 80NSSC23K0784 
Responsible Center: NASA ARC 
Grant Monitor: Griko, Yuri  
Center Contact: 650-604-0519 
Unique ID: 15528 
Solicitation / Funding Source: 2021 Space Biology NNH21ZDA001N-SBAS E.11: Animal Studies 
Grant/Contract No.: 80NSSC23K0784 
Project Type: GROUND 
Flight Program:  
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Space Biology Element: (1) Animal Biology: Vertebrate
Space Biology Cross-Element Discipline: (1) Musculoskeletal Biology
Space Biology Special Category: None
Task Description: The combined effects of space environmental stressors induce pathologies in multiple organ systems. Specifically, losses to the musculoskeletal system may be very dangerous for the health and performance of astronauts on extended duration missions on the Moon or arriving on Mars. A critical need remains to better understand the impact of radiation exposure, one of the key environmental stressors of deep space, on human and animal physiology to enable extended duration missions beyond low Earth orbit or setting up settlements on the Moon or Mars. There is a critical gap in knowledge surrounding the impact of the space radiation environment on skeletal health and on the progress of fetal skeletal development during pregnancy. The objective of the current proposal is to capitalize on a unique tissue-sharing opportunity to examine the combined effects of continuous radiation exposure and pregnancy on maternal and fetal skeletal physiology. We propose to assess maternal and fetal skeletal physiology through measurements of mineral and material properties, as well as assess changes in cellular dynamics of the maternal bone under the microscope. This study will be critical in assessing how a very harmful component of the space radiation environment impacts multiple aspects of skeletal health, including sex-specific differences and individual variation in the impact of the space environment on the functioning of the body.

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Task Progress: New project for FY2023.

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