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Project Title:  Development of Next-Generation Probiotics to Combat Mental Health Risks for Space Travel Reduce
Fiscal Year: FY 2021 
Division: Human Research 
Research Discipline/Element:
Start Date: 11/01/2020  
End Date: 10/31/2021  
Task Last Updated: 10/22/2020 
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Principal Investigator/Affiliation:   Strandwitz, Philip  Ph.D. / Holobiome, Inc. 
Address:  1 Kendall Sq, Ste B2001 
Cambridge , MA 02139 
Congressional District:
Organization Type: INDUSTRY 
Organization Name: Holobiome, Inc. 
Joint Agency:  
Project Information: Grant/Contract No. NNX16AO69A-IND0103 
Responsible Center: TRISH 
Grant Monitor:  
Center Contact:   
Unique ID: 14098 
Solicitation / Funding Source: TRISH--Industry 
Grant/Contract No.: NNX16AO69A-IND0103 
Project Type: GROUND 
Flight Program:  
TechPort: No 
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Human Research Program Elements: None
Human Research Program Risks: None
Human Research Program Gaps: None
Task Description: Industry Project

Holobiome is developing next generation probiotics, derived from the healthy human microbiome, to address major global health problems. With this application we seek to explore utility of these strains to solve a major challenge for the intergalactic advancement of humanity -- the mental health of deep space explorers. We call these Astrobiotics.

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Task Progress: New project for FY2021.

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