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Project Title:  Eye Vein Pressure Device Reduce
Images: icon  Fiscal Year: FY 2019 
Division: Human Research 
Research Discipline/Element:
HRP HHC:Human Health Countermeasures
Start Date: 04/01/2019  
End Date: 01/31/2022  
Task Last Updated: 04/25/2019 
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Principal Investigator/Affiliation:   Sit, Arthur  M.D. / Mayo Clinic 
Address:  Department of Ophthalmology  
200 First Street SW 
Rochester , MN 55905 
Phone: 507-284-2787  
Congressional District:
Organization Type: NON-PROFIT 
Organization Name: Mayo Clinic 
Joint Agency:  
Stenger, Michael  Ph.D. NASA Johnson Space Center 
Project Information: Grant/Contract No. Directed Research 
Responsible Center: NASA JSC 
Grant Monitor: Norsk, Peter  
Center Contact: 
Solicitation / Funding Source: Directed Research 
Grant/Contract No.: Directed Research 
Project Type: GROUND 
Flight Program:  
TechPort: Yes 
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No. of PhD Candidates:  
No. of Master's Candidates:  
No. of Bachelor's Candidates:  
No. of PhD Degrees:  
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Human Research Program Elements: (1) HHC:Human Health Countermeasures
Human Research Program Risks: (1) SANS:Risk of Spaceflight Associated Neuro-ocular Syndrome (IRP Rev I)
Human Research Program Gaps: (1) SANS-301:Laboratory development of mechanical countermeasures (IRP Rev L)
Flight Assignment/Project Notes: NOTE: End date changed to 1/31/2022 (original end date was 5/31/2020) per R. Schulte/HRP (Ed., 9/11/21)

NOTE: End date changed to 3/31/2021 (original end date was 5/31/2020) per R. Schulte/HRP (Ed., 1/7/21)

NOTE: End date changed to 12/31/2020 (original end date was 5/31/2020) per R. Schulte/HRP (Ed., 9/8/20)

Task Description: This project will include development and production of two (2) minimally invasive devices to measure and analyze episcleral venous pressure in human subjects. The devices will be capable of making measurements in subjects positioned in the seated, supine, and head-down tilt postures. The devices will be delivered to and evaluated by the Johnson Space Center Cardiovascular & Vision Lab. This prototype hardware and software to measure the venous pressure draining the eye, if successful, could be incorporated into ongoing Spaceflight Associated Neuro-ocular Syndrome (SANS) research.

Rationale for HRP Directed Research: This research is directed because NASA must define complete scientific activities in a short time and there is insufficient time to issue a solicitation. The device needs to be delivered in time to be evaluated as a tool for evaluating countermeasure effectiveness in the upcoming SANS Ground Analog Countermeasure Study at :envihab (FY 2020). Measurement of venous pressure draining the eye will be used as an objective measure of a countermeasure’s ability to reverse the headward fluid shift associated with strict head-down tilt bed rest. Tentative development schedule requires 8-12 months before delivery. Directed task is required in order to meet schedule.

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Task Progress: New project for FY2019.

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