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Project Title:  Development of a Vertical Flow Paper-based Platform (VFP) for Monitoring Health Outcomes in Inflight Condition Reduce
Fiscal Year: FY 2018 
Division: Human Research 
Research Discipline/Element:
Start Date: 05/01/2018  
End Date: 04/30/2019  
Task Last Updated: 06/18/2018 
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Principal Investigator/Affiliation:   Zenhausern, Frederic  Ph.D. / University of Arizona College of Medicine 
Address:  Center for Applied NanoBioscience and Medicine 
475 N 5th Street 
Phoeniz , AZ 85004 
Congressional District:
Organization Type: UNIVERSITY 
Organization Name: University of Arizona College of Medicine 
Joint Agency:  
Porada, Christopher  Ph.D. Wake Forest University School of Medicine 
Project Information: Grant/Contract No. NNX16AO69A-SYN0003 
Responsible Center: TRISH 
Grant Monitor:  
Center Contact:   
Solicitation / Funding Source: TRISH--Synergy 
Grant/Contract No.: NNX16AO69A-SYN0003 
Project Type: GROUND 
Flight Program:  
TechPort: No 
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Task Description: Synergy Project

This project will design and characterize a novel Vertical Flow Paper-based Platform (VFP) built within a miniaturized “syringe-like” cartridge that will perform multiplexed detection of bio-agents and up to hundreds of biomarkers in small or large volumes of bodily fluids suitable for diagnosis in long space travel condition. This project will study bacterial agents (e.g., gut bacteria or other environmental exposure on the International Space Station-ISS), and also nucleic acid detection in order to develop a hybrid platform able to multiplex different types of biomarkers for enabling the diagnosis of multiple conditions. This is a synergy project with TRISH-funded Wake Forest University's project ("Novel Microfluidic Biomarker Detection Platforms to Monitor In Vivo Effects of Solar Particle Events and Galactic Cosmic Rays Radiation, Using Mice with Human Hematopoietic Systems ") by Principal Investigator (PI) Christopher Porada, Ph.D.

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Task Progress: New project for FY2018.

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