June 8, 2007 Current Awareness

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  1. Wang Y, Nishida S, Boudignon BM, Burghardt A, Elalieh HZ, Hamilton MM, Majumdar S, Halloran BP, Clemens TL, Bikle DD. The IGF-I receptor is required for the anabolic actions of parathyroid hormone on bone. J Bone Miner Res. 2007 May 31; [Epub ahead of print] (HSR&T PI: D.D. Bikle)
  2. Heinemeier KM, Olesen JL, Haddad F, Langberg H, Kjaer M, Baldwin KM, Schjerling P. Expression of collagen and related growth factors in rat tendon and skeletal muscle in response to specific contraction types. J Physiol. 2007 May 31; [Epub ahead of print] (HSR&T PI: K.M. Baldwin)
  3. Carter JR, Ray CA. Effect of dimenhydrinate on autonomic activity in humans. Clin Auton Res. 2007 May 25; [Epub ahead of print] (HSR&T PI: C.A. Ray) Note: This research suggests testing Dramamine to prevent orthostatic intolerance.
  4. Tragardh E, Schlegel TT, Carlsson M, Pettersson J, Nilsson K, Pahlm O. High-frequency electrocardiogram analysis in the ability to predict reversible perfusion defects during adenosine myocardial perfusion imaging. J Electrocardiol. 2007 May 23; [Epub ahead of print]
  5. Nikjoo H, Uehara S, Pinsky L, Cucinotta FA. Modelling and calculations of the response of tissue equivalent proportional counter to charged particles. Radiat Prot Dosimetry. 2007 May 19; [Epub ahead of print] (HSR&T PI: F.A. Cucinotta)
  6. Williams ES, Stap J, Essers J, Ponnaiya B, Luijsterburg MS, Krawczyk PM, Ullrich RL, Aten JA, Bailey SM. DNA double-strand breaks are not sufficient to initiate recruitment of TRF2. Nat Genet. 2007 Jun;39(6):696-8. (HSR&T PI: S.M. Bailey) Note: This is a lengthy comment, with supporting data, on an earlier paper by Bradshaw et al., with a reply by Bradshaw and Meyn.
  7. St Hilaire MA, Klerman EB, Khalsa SB, Wright KP Jr, Czeisler CA, Kronauer RE. Addition of a non-photic component to a light-based mathematical model of the human circadian pacemaker. J Theor Biol. 2007 Apr 4; [Epub ahead of print] (HSR&T PIs: E.B. Klerman, C.A. Czeisler)
  8. Clark JB. Commercial human spaceflight: The new challenge for aerospace medicine. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2007 May;78(5):542.

Other papers of interest:

  1. Ogoh S, Dalsgaard MK, Secher NH, Raven PB. Dynamic blood pressure control and middle cerebral artery mean blood velocity variability at rest and during exercise in humans. Acta Physiol (Oxf). 2007 May 17; [Epub ahead of print]
  2. Halliwill JR. Virtual conductance, real hypotension: What happens when we stand up too fast? J Appl Physiol. 2007 May 31; [Epub ahead of print] Note: This is a comment on an earlier paper that appeared in the May 4, 2007 Current Awareness list.
  3. Carrithers JA, Carroll CC, Coker RH, Sullivan DH, Trappe TA. Concurrent exercise and muscle protein synthesis: Implications for exercise countermeasures in space. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2007 May;78(5):457-62.
  4. Cooke WH. Head rotation during upright tilt increases cardiovagal baroreflex sensitivity. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2007 May;78(5):463-9.
  5. Previc FH, Ercoline WR, Evans RH, Dillon N, Lopez N, Daluz CM, Workman A. Simulator-induced spatial disorientation: Effects of age, sleep deprivation, and type of conflict. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2007 May;78(5):470-7.
  6. Bliese PD, McGurk D, Thomas JL, Balkin TJ, Wesensten N. Discontinuous growth modeling of adaptation to sleep setting changes: Individual differences and age. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2007 May;78(5):485-92.
  7. Cameron BA, Olstad CS, Clark JM, Gelfand R, Ochroch EA, Eckenhoff RG. Risk factors for venous gas emboli after decompression from prolonged hyperbaric exposures. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2007 May;78(5):493-9.
  8. Mert A, Bles W, Nooij SA. Hyperventilation in a motion sickness desensitization program. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2007 May;78(5):505-9.
  9. Leon GR, Scheib A. Personality influences on a two-man Arctic expedition, impact on spouse, and the return home. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2007 May;78(5):526-9.
  10. Saxon LK, Robling AG, Castillo AB, Mohan S, Turner CH. The skeletal responsiveness to mechanical loading is enhanced in mice with a null mutation in estrogen receptor {beta}. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2007 May 29; [Epub ahead of print]
  11. Pathak R, Dey SK, Sarma A, Khuda-Bukhsh AR. Cell killing, nuclear damage and apoptosis in Chinese hamster V79 cells after irradiation with heavy-ion beams of (16)O, (12)C and (7)Li. Mutat Res. 2007 Apr 20; [Epub ahead of print]
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