June 16, 2006 Current Awareness

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  1. Li CY, Jepsen KJ, Majeska RJ, Zhang J, Ni R, Gelb BD, Schaffler MB. Mice lacking cathepsin K maintain bone remodeling but develop bone fragility despite high bone mass. J Bone Miner Res. 2006 Jun;21(6):865-75. (HSR&T PI: M.B. Schaffler)
  2. Li CF, Hughes-Fulford M. Fibroblast growth factor-2 is an immediate-early gene induced by mechanical stress in osteogenic cells. J Bone Miner Res. 2006 Jun;21(6):946-55. (HSR&T PI: M. Hughes-Fulford)
  3. Moore ST, Macdougall HG, Peters BT, Bloomberg JJ, Curthoys IS, Cohen HS. Modeling locomotor dysfunction following spaceflight with Galvanic vestibular stimulation. Exp Brain Res. 2006 Jun 9; [Epub ahead of print] (HSR&T PI: S.T. Moore) Note: Results of research were compared to post-space flight results, including ISS.
  4. Monga M, Macias B, Groppo E, Kostelec M, Hargens A. Renal stone risk in a simulated microgravity environment: impact of treadmill exercise with lower body negative pressure. J Urol. 2006 Jul;176(1):127-31. (HSR&T PI: A. Hargens)
  5. Monga M, Macias B, Groppo E, Hargens A. Genetic heritability of urinary stone risk in identical twins. J Urol. 2006 Jun;175(6):2125-8. (HSR&T PI: A. Hargens)
  6. Shao G, Berenguer J, Borczuk AC, Powell CA, Hei TK, Zhao Y. Epigenetic inactivation of Betaig-h3 gene in human cancer cells. Cancer Res. 2006 May 1;66(9):4566-73. (HSR&T PI: Y. Zhao)
  7. Powell JM, Sonnenfeld G. The effects of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) on in vitro spleen cell proliferation and cytokine production. J Interferon Cytokine Res. 2006 Jan;26(1):34-9. (HSR&T PI: G. Sonnenfeld)
  8. Carnes BA, Holden LR, Olshansky SJ, Witten MT, Siegel JS. Mortality partitions and their relevance to research on senescence. Biogerontology. 2006 May 27; [Epub ahead of print] (HSR&T PI: B.A. Carnes)
  9. Nauli SM, Rossetti S, Kolb RJ, Alenghat FJ, Consugar MB, Harris PC, Ingber DE, Loghman-Adham M, Zhou J. Loss of polycystin-1 in human cyst-lining epithelia leads to ciliary dysfunction. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2006 Apr;17(4):1015-25. (HSR&T PI: D.E. Ingber)
  10. Conway G. STAT3-dependent pathfinding and control of axonal branching and target selection. Dev Biol. 2006 Apr 22; [Epub ahead of print]
  11. Sarkar S, Wise KC, Manna SK, Ramesh V, Yamauchi K, Thomas RL, Wilson BL, Kulkarni AD, Pellis NR, Ramesh GT. Activation of activator protein-1 in mouse brain regions exposed to simulated microgravity. In Vitro Cell Dev Biol Anim. 2006 Mar;42(3):96-99. (HSR&T PI: G.T. Ramesh)
  12. McCauley DW, Bronner-Fraser M. Importance of SoxE in neural crest development and the evolution of the pharynx. Nature. 2006 Jun 8;441(7094):750-2. (HSR&T PI: M. Bronner-Fraser)
  13. Schubert M, Holland ND, Laudet V, Holland LZ. A retinoic acid-Hox hierarchy controls both anterior/posterior patterning and neuronal specification in the developing central nervous system of the cephalochordate amphioxus. Dev Biol. 2006 Apr 30; [Epub ahead of print] (HSR&T PI: M. Bronner-Fraser/L.Z. Holland)

Other papers of interest:

  1. Wilson TE, Cui J, Zhang R, Crandall CG. Heat stress reduces cerebral blood velocity and markedly impairs orthostatic tolerance in humans. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2006 Jun 8; [Epub ahead of print]
  2. De-Doncker L, Kasri M, Falempin M. Soleus motoneuron excitability after rat hindlimb unloading using histology and a new electrophysiological approach to record a neurographic analogue of the H-reflex. Exp Neurol. 2006 Jun 5; [Epub ahead of print]
  3. Bassel-Duby R, Olson EN. Signaling pathways in skeletal muscle remodeling. Annu Rev Biochem. 2006;75:19-37.
  4. Anderson JE. The satellite cell as a companion in skeletal muscle plasticity: currency, conveyance, clue, connector and colander. J Exp Biol. 2006 Jun 15;209(Pt 12):2276-92. Note: This paper can be obtained online without charge.
  5. Fluckey JD, Knox M, Smith L, Dupont-Versteegden EE, Gaddy D, Tesch PA, Peterson CA. Insulin-facilitated increase of muscle protein synthesis after resistance exercise involves a MAP kinase pathway. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2006 Jun;290(6):E1205-11. Epub 2006 Jan 17.
  6. Rourke BC, Cotton CJ, Harlow HJ, Caiozzo VJ. Maintenance of slow type I myosin protein and mRNA expression in overwintering prairie dogs (Cynomys leucurus and ludovicianus) and black bears (Ursus americanus). J Comp Physiol [B]. 2006 Jun 7; [Epub ahead of print]
  7. Dobreva G, Chahrour M, Dautzenberg M, Chirivella L, Kanzler B, Farinas I, Karsenty G, Grosschedl R. SATB2 is a multifunctional determinant of craniofacial patterning and osteoblast differentiation. Cell. 2006 Jun 2;125(5):971-86.
  8. Curthoys IS, Kim J, McPhedran SK, Camp AJ. Bone conducted vibration selectively activates irregular primary otolithic vestibular neurons in the guinea pig. Exp Brain Res. 2006 Jun 8; [Epub ahead of print]
  9. Wei M, Li N, Newlands SD, Dickman JD, Angelaki DE. Deficits and recovery in visuospatial memory during head motion after bilateral labyrinthine lesion. J Neurophysiol. 2006 Jun 7; [Epub ahead of print]
  10. Fuss JO, Cooper PK. DNA repair: dynamic defenders against cancer and aging. PLoS Biol. 2006 Jun;4(6):e203. Epub 2006 Jun 13. Note: From paper: "You probably weren't thinking about your body's DNA repair systems the last time you sat on the beach in the bright sunshine. Fortunately, however, while you were subjecting your DNA to the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) light, your cells were busy repairing the damage." This paper, a review of DNA repair mechanisms, can be obtained online without charge.
  11. Wang XQ, Redpath JL, Fan ST, Stanbridge EJ. ATR dependent activation of Chk2. J Cell Physiol. 2006 Jun 1; [Epub ahead of print]
  12. Roberts JE, Kukielczak BM, Chignell CF, Sik BH, Hu DN, Principato MA. Simulated microgravity induced damage in human retinal pigment epithelial cells. Mol Vis. 2006 May 30;12:633-8. Note: Used rotating wall vessel bioreactor. From abstract: "This system thus constitutes a new model system for the study of inflammation in the retina." This paper can be obtained online without charge.
  13. Rivera CM, Battistelli A, Moscatello S, Proietti S, Rouphael Y, Cardarelli M, Colla G. Influence of simulated microgravity on growth, yield, and quality of leafy vegetables: lettuce and rocket. Eur J Hortic Sci. 2006 Jan;71(1):45-51. Note: Used a closed hydroponic system (Porous Tube Plant Nutrient Delivery System) combined with a horizontal uniaxial clinostat.