September 12, 2003 Current Awareness

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Elefteriou F, Takeda S, Liu X, Armstrong D, Karsenty G.
Monosodium glutamate-sensitive hypothalamic neurons contribute to the control
of bone mass.
Endocrinology. 2003 Sep;144(9):3842-7.
(PI: G. Karsenty/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Muthuchamy M, Gashev A, Boswell N, Dawson N, Zawieja D.
Molecular and functional analyses of the contractile apparatus in lymphatic
FASEB J. 2003 May;17(8):920-2. Epub 2003 Mar 28.
(PI: M.D. Delp/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Sung D, Mills RW, Schettler J, Narayan SM, Omens JH, McCulloch AD.
Ventricular filling slows epicardial conduction and increases action potential
duration in an optical mapping study of the isolated rabbit heart.
J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol. 2003 Jul;14(7):739-49.
(PI: A.D. McCulloch/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Sutherland BM, Bennett PV, Cintron NS, Guida P, Laval J.
Low levels of endogenous oxidative damage cluster levels in unirradiated viral
and human DNAs.
Free Radic Biol Med. 2003 Sep 1;35(5):495-503.
(PI: A.M. Gewirtz/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Merriam EP, Genovese CR, Colby CL.
Spatial updating in human parietal cortex.
Neuron. 2003 Jul 17;39(2):361-73.
(PI: E.P. Merriam: Graduate Student Researchers Program/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Mair RW, Wang R, Rosen MS, Candela D, Cory DG, Walsworth RL.
Applications of controlled-flow laser-polarized xenon gas to porous and
granular media study.
Magn Reson Imaging. 2003 Apr-May;21(3-4):287-92.
(PI: R.L. Walsworth/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Schimmerling W.
Overview of NASA's space radiation research program.
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):5-10.
(PI: W. Schimmerling/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Cucinotta FA, Wu H, Shavers MR, George K.
Radiation dosimetry and biophysical models of space radiation effects.
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):11-8. Review.
(PI: F.A. Cucinotta/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Miller J.
Proton and heavy ion acceleration facilities for space radiation research.
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):19-28. Review.
(PI: J. Miller/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Nelson GA.
Fundamental space radiobiology.
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):29-36. Review.
(PI: G.A. Nelson/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Kennedy AR, Todd P.
Biological countermeasures in space radiation health.
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):37-44. Review.
(PI: A.R. Kennedy/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Bikle DD, Sakata T, Halloran BP.
The impact of skeletal unloading on bone formation.
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):45-54. Review.
(PI: D.D. Bikle and B.P. Halloran/Fundamental Space Biology)

Kiss JZ, Correll MJ, Mullen JL, Hangarter RP, Edelmann RE.
Root phototropism: how light and gravity interact in shaping plant form.
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):55-60.
(PI: J.Z. Kiss/Fundamental Space Biology)

Massa GD, Fasano JM, Gilroy S.
Ionic signaling in plant gravity and touch responses.
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):71-82. Review.
(PI: S. Gilroy/Fundamental Space Biology)

Broadaway SC, Barton SA, Pyle BH.
Rapid staining and enumeration of small numbers of total bacteria in water by
solid-phase laser cytometry.
Appl Environ Microbiol. 2003 Jul;69(7):4272-3.
(PI: B.H. Pyle/Advanced Human Support Technology & Fundamental Space Biology)

Cook KL, Sayler GS.
Environmental application of array technology: promise, problems and
Curr Opin Biotechnol. 2003 Jun;14(3):311-8. Review.
(PI: K.L. Cook: Graduate Student Researchers Program/Advanced Human Support Technology)

Galantis A, Woledge RC.
The theoretical limits to the power output of a muscle-tendon complex with
inertial and gravitational loads.
Proc R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2003 Jul 22;270(1523):1493-8.


simulated microgravity
Kossmehl P, Shakibaei M, Cogoli A, Infanger M, Curcio F, Schonberger J,
Eilles C, Bauer J, Pickenhahn H, Schulze-Tanzil G, Paul M, Grimm D.
Weightlessness induced apoptosis in normal thyroid cells and papillary thyroid
carcinoma cells via extrinsic and intrinsic pathways.
Endocrinology. 2003 Sep;144(9):4172-9.

Kim H, Iwasaki K, Miyake T, Shiozawa T, Nozaki S, Yajima K.
Changes in bone turnover markers during 14-day 6 degrees head-down bed rest.
J Bone Miner Metab. 2003;21(5):311-5.


simulated microgravity
Gorti GK, Lo J, Falsafi S, Kosek J, Quan SY, Khuu DT, Koch RJ.
Cartilage tissue engineering using cryogenic chondrocytes.
Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2003 Aug;129(8):889-93.

Klam F, Graf W.
Vestibular response kinematics in posterior parietal cortex neurons of macaque
Eur J Neurosci. 2003 Aug;18(4):995-1010.

Arbeille P, Poisson G, Vieyres P, Ayoub J, Porcher M, Boulay JL.
Echographic examination in isolated sites controlled from an expert center
using a 2-D echograph guided by a teleoperated robotic arm.
Ultrasound Med Biol. 2003 Jul;29(7):993-1000.

LeMarbre G, Stauber S, Khayat RN, Puleo DS, Skatrud JB, Morgan BJ.
Baroreflex-induced sympathetic activation does not alter cerebrovascular CO2
responsiveness in humans.
J Physiol. 2003 Sep 1;551(Pt 2):609-16. Epub 2003 Jul 04.

Goldstein DS, Pechnik S, Holmes C, Eldadah B, Sharabi Y.
Association between supine hypertension and orthostatic hypotension in
autonomic failure.
Hypertension. 2003 Aug;42(2):136-42. Epub 2003 Jun 30.

Monobe M, Koike S, Uzawa A, Ando K.
Effects of beer administration in mice on acute toxicities induced by X rays
and carbon ions.
J Radiat Res (Tokyo). 2003 Mar;44(1):75-80.

Monobe M, Arimoto-Kobayashi S, Ando K.
Beta-pseudouridine, a beer component, reduces radiation-induced chromosome
aberrations in human lymphocytes.
Mutat Res. 2003 Jul 8;538(1-2):93-9.

Todd P.
Space radiation health: a brief primer.
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):1-4. Review.

Colclasure JC, Holt JR.
Transduction and adaptation in sensory hair cells of the mammalian vestibular
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):61-70. Review.

Harmon AC.
Calcium-regulated protein kinases of plants.
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):83-90. Review.


The following four papers (#s 30-33) discuss research supported by the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC)
Lomax TL, Findlay KA, White TJ, Winner WE.
Plant-centered biosystems in space environments: technological concepts for
developing a plant genetic assessment and control system.
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):91-9.

Edwards BC.
The space elevator: a new tool for space studies.
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):101-5.

Hodgson E.
The Chameleon Suit--a liberated future for space explorers.
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):107-19.

Boston PJ, Frederick RD, Welch SM, Werker J, Meyer TR, Sprungman B,
Hildreth-Werker V, Thompson SL, Murphy DL.
Human utilization of subsurface extraterrestrial environments.
Gravit Space Biol Bull. 2003 Jun;16(2):121-31.

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