June 6, 2003 Current Awareness

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Huss D, Dickman JD.
Histological preparation of developing vestibular otoconia for scanning
electron microscopy.
J Neurosci Methods. 2003 May 30;125(1-2):129-36.
(PI: J.D. Dickman)

Ling PD, Lednicky JA, Keitel WA, Poston DG, White ZS, Peng R, Liu Z, Mehta
SK, Pierson DL, Rooney CM, Vilchez RA, Smith EO, Butel JS.
The dynamics of herpesvirus and polyomavirus reactivation and shedding in
healthy adults: a 14-month longitudinal study.
J Infect Dis. 2003 May 15;187(10):1571-80.
(PI: J.S. Butel)

Image from this paper (#3) appears on the journal cover:
A photomicrograph of a Goldner's Trichrome-stained histological section of an iliac crest biopsy from a patient with secondary hyperparathyroidism due to chronic renal failure. From the journal Endocrinology

Lotinun S, Sibonga JD, Turner RT.
Triazolopyrimidine (trapidil), a platelet-derived growth factor antagonist,
inhibits parathyroid bone disease in an animal model for chronic
Endocrinology. 2003 May;144(5):2000-7.
(PI: R.T. Turner)

Kornilova LN, Cowings P, Arlashchenko NI, Korneev DIu, Sagalovich SV,
Sarantseva AV, Toscano W, Kozlovskaia IB.
[Individual characteristics of correction of the cosmonauts' vegetative status
with a method of adaptive biofeedback]
Aviakosm Ekolog Med. 2003;37(1):67-72. Russian.
(PI: P. Cowings)

Hall EJ, Wuu CS.
Radiation-induced second cancers: the impact of 3D-CRT and IMRT.
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2003 May 1;56(1):83-8. Review.
(PI: E.J. Hall)

Paddon-Jones D, Sheffield-Moore M, Creson DL, Sanford AP, Wolf SE, Wolfe RR,
Ferrando AA.
Hypercortisolemia alters muscle protein anabolism following ingestion of
essential amino acids.
Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2003 May;284(5):E946-53.
(PIs: R.R. Wolfe and A.A. Ferrando)

Ong KG, Paulose M, Grimes CA.
A wireless, passive, magnetically-soft harmonic sensor for monitoring sodium
hypochlorite concentrations in water.
Sensors. 2003 Jan;3(1):11-8.
(PI: C.A. Grimes)

Convertino VA.
Mechanisms of microgravity induced orthostatic intolerance
implications for
effective countermeasures.
J Gravit Physiol. 2002 Dec;9(2):1-13. Review.
(PI: V.A. Convertino)

Gridley DS, Pecaut MJ, Green LM, Miller GM, Nelson GA.
Hypergravity-induced immunomodulation in a rodent model
lymphocytes and
lymphoid organs.
J Gravit Physiol. 2002 Dec;9(2):15-27.
(PI: G.A. Nelson)

Taylor WE, Bhasin S, Lalani R, Datta A, Gonzalez-Cadavid NF.
Alteration of gene expression profiles in skeletal muscle of rats exposed to
microgravity during a spaceflight.
J Gravit Physiol. 2002 Dec;9(2):61-70.
(PI: S. Bhasin)

Miller MS, Fortney MD, Keller TS.
An infrared system for monitoring Drosophila motility during microgravity.
J Gravit Physiol. 2002 Dec;9(2):83-91.
(PI: M.S. Miller: Graduate Student Researchers Program)

Waldie JM, Tanaka K, Tourbier D, Webb P, Jarvis CW, Hargens AR.
Compression under a mechanical counter pressure space suit glove.
J Gravit Physiol. 2002 Dec;9(2):93-7.
(PIs: D. Tourbier and A.R. Hargens)

Cirillo M, De Santo NG, Heer M, Norsk P, Elmann-Larsen B, Bellini L,
Stellato D, Drummer C.
Low urinary albumin excretion in astronauts during space missions.
Nephron Physiol. 2003;93(4):p102-5.

Gaboyard S, Sans A, Lehouelleur J.
Differential impact of hypergravity on maturating innervation in vestibular
epithelia during rat development.
Brain Res Dev Brain Res. 2003 Jun 12;143(1):15-23.

Aarrouf J, Demandre C, Darbelley N, Villard C, Perbal G.
Development of the primary root and mobilisation of reserves in etiolated
seedlings of Brassica napus grown on a slowly rotating clinostat.
J Plant Physiol. 2003 Apr;160(4):409-13.

Gianaros PJ, Quigley KS, Muth ER, Levine ME, Vasko RC Jr, Stern RM.
Relationship between temporal changes in cardiac parasympathetic activity and
motion sickness severity.
Psychophysiology. 2003 Jan;40(1):39-44.

Meyrelles SS, Sharma RV, Mao HZ, Abboud FM, Chapleau MW.
Modulation of baroreceptor activity by gene transfer of nitric oxide synthase
to carotid sinus adventitia.
Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2003 May;284(5):R1190-8.

Usui S, Okazaki T, Honda Y.
Interruption of the rat circadian clock by short light-dark cycles.
Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2003 May;284(5):R1255-9.

Ng CP, Swartz MA.
Fibroblast alignment under interstitial fluid flow using a novel 3-D tissue
culture model.
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2003 May;284(5):H1771-7.

Asanuma K, Magid R, Johnson C, Nerem RM, Galis ZS.
Uniaxial strain upregulates matrix-degrading enzymes produced by human vascular
smooth muscle cells.
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2003 May;284(5):H1778-84.

Goldman J, Zhong L, Liu SQ.
Degradation of alpha-actin filaments in venous smooth muscle cells in response
to mechanical stretch.
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2003 May;284(5):H1839-47.

Donahue SW, Donahue HJ, Jacobs CR.
Osteoblastic cells have refractory periods for fluid-flow-induced intracellular
calcium oscillations for short bouts of flow and display multiple low-magnitude
oscillations during long-term flow.
J Biomech. 2003 Jan;36(1):35-43.

Steck R, Niederer P, Tate ML.
A finite element analysis for the prediction of load-induced fluid flow and
mechanochemical transduction in bone.
J Theor Biol. 2003 Jan 21;220(2):249-59.

Antonelli A, Santucci D, Amendola T, Triaca V, Corazzi G, Francia N, Fiore M,
Alleva E, Aloe L.
Short-term hypergravity influences NGF and BDNF expression, and mast cell
distribution in the lungs and heart of adult male mice.
J Gravit Physiol. 2002 Dec;9(2):29-38.

Ishihara A, Ohira Y, Roy RR, Nagaoka S, Sekiguchi C, Hinds WE, Edgerton VR.
Succinate dehydrogenase activity in rat dorsolateral ventral horn motoneurons at
L6 after spaceflight and recovery.
J Gravit Physiol. 2002 Dec;9(2):39-48.

Ohira Y, Nomura T, Kawano F, Sato Y, Ishihara A, Nonaka I.
Effects of nine weeks of unloading on neuromuscular activities in adult rats.
J Gravit Physiol. 2002 Dec;9(2):49-59.

Uchakin PN, Tobin BW, Morukov BV, Larina IV, Cubbage ML.
Type 1 vs. type 2 cytokine secretion in vitro and its regulation by hydrocortisone in
humans subjected to 120-day anti-orthostatic bed-rest regime.
J Gravit Physiol. 2002 Dec;9(23):71-82.

Burkovskaia TE, Korol'kov VI.
[The effect of microgravity and head down immobilization on hemopoiesis in
Aviakosm Ekolog Med. 2003;37(1):12-8. Russian.

Krasnov IB, D'iachkova LN.
[Morphology of the rat's brain in and after a space flight: ultrastructure of
the "blue spot"]
Aviakosm Ekolog Med. 2003;37(1):18-24. Russian.

Kaplanskii AS, Alekseev EI, Loginov VI.
[Morphofunctional changes in the endocrine system of male rats during
microgravity and suspension]
Aviakosm Ekolog Med. 2003;37(1):24-8. Russian.

Johannes B, Salnitski VP, Thieme K, Kirsch KA.
Differences in the autonomic reactivity pattern to psychological load in
patients with hypertension and rheumatic diseases.
Aviakosm Ekolog Med. 2003;37(1):28-42.

Bukharov IB.
[A mathematical model of the functional state of the hemopoietic and
erythropoietic system]
Aviakosm Ekolog Med. 2003;37(1):49-51. Russian.

Semenov AS.
[Validity of "Gravistat" device for the improvement of statics and locomotion:
interrelation with neuro-auto-immune reactions]
Aviakosm Ekolog Med. 2003;37(1):61-3. Russian.

Klimarev SI.
[Selection of a SHF-plasma device for carbon dioxide and hydrogen recycling in
a physical-chemical life support system]
Aviakosm Ekolog Med. 2003;37(1):64-7. Russian.

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