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Image from this paper (#1) appears on the journal cover:
Bansal D, Miyake K, Vogel SS, Groh S, Chen CC, Williamson R, McNeil PL, Campbell KP.
Defective membrane repair in dysferlin-deficient muscular dystrophy.
Nature. 2003 May 8;423(6936):168-72.
(PI: P.L. McNeil)

McNeil PL, Miyake K, Vogel SS.
The endomembrane requirement for cell surface repair.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2003 Apr 15;100(8):4592-7.
(PI: P.L. McNeil)

Schwartz JL, Jordan R, Evans HH, Lenarczyk M, Liber H.
The TP53 dependence of radiation-induced chromosome instability in human lymphoblastoid cells.
Radiat Res. 2003 Jun;159(6):730-6.
(PI: H.H. Evans)

Evans HH, Horng MF, Ricanati M, Diaz-Insua M, Jordan R, Schwartz JL.
Induction of genomic instability in TK6 human lymphoblasts exposed to (137)Cs
gamma radiation: comparison to the induction by exposure to accelerated (56)Fe
Radiat Res. 2003 Jun;159(6):737-47.
(PI: H.H. Evans)

Karsenty G.
The complexities of skeletal biology.
Nature. 2003 May 15;423(6937):316-8.
(PI: G. Karsenty)

Darquenne C, Prisk GK.
Effect of gravitational sedimentation on simulated aerosol dispersion in the
human acinus.
J Aerosol Sci. 2003 Apr;34(4):405-18.
(PI: G.K. Prisk)

Sitges M, Shiota T, Lever HM, Qin JX, Bauer F, Drinko JK, Agler DA, Martin
MG, Greenberg NL, Smedira NG, Lytle BW, Tuzcu EM, Garcia MJ, Thomas JD.
Comparison of left ventricular diastolic function in obstructive hypertrophic
cardiomyopathy in patients undergoing percutaneous septal alcohol ablation
versus surgical myotomy/myectomy.
Am J Cardiol. 2003 Apr 1;91(7):817-21.
(PI: J.D. Thomas)

Atwater JE, Akse JR, Jovanovic GN, Wheeler RR Jr, Sornchamni T.
Porous cobalt spheres for high temperature gradient magnetically assisted fluidized
Mater Res Bull. 2003 Feb 20;38(3):395-407.
(PI: J.E. Atwater)

Buckey JC Jr, Homick JL. (editors)
The Neurolab Spacelab mission : neuroscience research in space : results from the
STS-90, Neurolab Spacelab mission.
Houston, Tex. : National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Lyndon B. Johnson
Space Center, [2003] x, 333 p. : ill. (NASA SP ; 2003-53)
LOCATORplus ID: 101163980

Coleman CN, Blakely WF, Fike JR, MacVittie TJ, Metting NF, Mitchell JB,
Moulder JE, Preston RJ, Seed TM, Stone HB, Tofilon PJ, Wong RS.
Molecular and cellular biology of moderate-dose (1-10 Gy) radiation and
potential mechanisms of radiation protection: report of a workshop at Bethesda,
Maryland, December 17-18, 2001.
Radiat Res. 2003 Jun;159(6):812-34.

Mohler SR.
Galactic radiation exposure during commercial flights: is there a risk?
CMAJ. 2003 Apr 29;168(9):1157-8.

Zugaro MB, Arleo A, Berthoz A, Wiener SI.
Rapid spatial reorientation and head direction cells.
J Neurosci. 2003 Apr 15;23(8):3478-82.

McKnight NL, Frangos JA.
Strain rate mechanotransduction in aligned human vascular smooth muscle cells.
Ann Biomed Eng. 2003 Mar;31(3):239-49.

Convertino VA.
Value of orthostatic stress in maintaining functional status soon after
myocardial infarction or cardiac artery bypass grafting.
J Cardiovasc Nurs. 2003 Apr-Jun;18(2):124-30. Review.

Utkin VF, Lukjashchenko VI, Borisov VV, Suvorov VV, Tsymbalyuk MM.
Main results and experience obtained on Mir space station and experiment
program for Russian segment of ISS.
Acta Astronaut. 2003 Jul;53(1):45-51.

Akima H, Ushiyama JI, Kubo J, Tonosaki SI, Itoh M, Kawakami Y, Fukuoka H,
Kanehisa H, Fukunaga T.
Resistance training during unweighting maintains muscle size and function in
human calf.
Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2003 Apr;35(4):655-62.

von Deutsch DA, Abukhalaf IK, Wineski LE, Silvestrov NA, Bayorh MA, Potter
Changes in muscle proteins and spermidine content in response to unloading and
clenbuterol treatment.
Can J Physiol Pharmacol. 2003 Jan;81(1):28-39.

Trees DW, Ketelsen CA, Hobbs JA.
Use of a modified tilt table for preambulation strength training as an adjunct
to burn rehabilitation: a case series.
J Burn Care Rehabil. 2003 Mar-Apr;24(2):97-103.

Thorne MC.
Background radiation: natural and man-made.
J Radiol Prot. 2003 Mar;23(1):29-42.

Elmann-Larsen B.
[Osteoporosis and genes in space environment]
Geneeskd Sport. 2003 Feb;36(1):14-8. Dutch.

Gen XC, Yan GD, Jin Z, Xu Y, Wang H, Li LH.
+Gz protection of a new bladder anti-G system.
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2003 Feb;16(1):1-4.

Liu BK, Wang XM, Wang YL.
Characteristics of human body dynamic responses to landing impact in supine
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2003 Feb;16(1):5-9.

Sun XQ, Yao YJ, Yang CB, Feng DY, Wu YH.
[Development and application of self-powered short arm human centrifuge]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2003 Feb;16(1):10-3. Chinese.

Wei YB, Sun XQ, Cao XS, Yao YJ, Feng DY, Yang CB.
[Effects of +Gz exposure time on memory and behavior in rats]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2003 Feb;16(1):19-23. Chinese.

Jin YB, Yang CL, Yu H, Cheng J, Yi CR, Zhan H.
[Effects of nutritional intervention on brain functions and its related
biochemical indexes in mice exposed to high +Gy]
Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 2003 Feb;16(1):28-31. Chinese.

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