October 31, 2003 Current Awareness

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Hefferan TE, Evans GL, Lotinun S, Zhang M, Morey-Holton E, Turner RT.
Effect of gender on bone turnover in adult rats during simulated
J Appl Physiol. 2003 Nov;95(5):1775-80. Epub 2003 Jul 25.
(PI: R.T. Turner/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Shibasaki M, Wilson TE, Cui J, Levine BD, Crandall CG.
Exercise throughout 6 degrees head-down tilt bed rest preserves
thermoregulatory responses.
J Appl Physiol. 2003 Nov;95(5):1817-23. Epub 2003 Jul 25.
(PIs: B.D. Levine and C.G. Crandall/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Finni T, Hodgson JA, Lai AM, Edgerton VR, Sinha S.
Mapping of movement in the isometrically contracting human soleus muscle
reveals details of its structural and functional complexity.
J Appl Physiol. 2003 Nov;95(5):2128-33. Epub 2003 Jul 11.
(PI: S. Sinha/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Martin E, Sharina I, Kots A, Murad F.
A constitutively activated mutant of human soluble guanylyl cyclase (sGC):
implication for the mechanism of sGC activation.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2003 Aug 5;100(16):9208-13. Epub 2003 Jul 25.
(PI: F. Murad/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Sharina IG, Martin E, Thomas A, Uray KL, Murad F.
CCAAT-binding factor regulates expression of the beta1 subunit of soluble
guanylyl cyclase gene in the BE2 human neuroblastoma cell line.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2003 Sep 30;100(20):11523-8. Epub 2003 Sep 22.
(PI: F. Murad/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Li YP, Chen Y, Li AS, Reid MB.
Hydrogen peroxide stimulates ubiquitin-conjugating activity and expression of
genes for specific E2 and E3 proteins in skeletal muscle myotubes.
Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2003 Oct;285(4):C806-12. Epub 2003 May 28.
(PI: M.B. Reid/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

McCall GE, Allen DL, Haddad F, Baldwin KM.
Transcriptional regulation of IGF-I expression in skeletal muscle.
Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2003 Oct;285(4):C831-9. Epub 2003 May 28.
(PI: K.M. Baldwin/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Cajochen C, Jewett ME, Dijk DJ.
Human circadian melatonin rhythm phase delay during a fixed sleep-wake schedule
interspersed with nights of sleep deprivation.
J Pineal Res. 2003 Oct;35(3):149-57.
(PIs: M.E. Jewett and D.J. Dijk/Biomedical Research and Countermeasures)

Cucinotta FA, Saganti PB, Hu X, Kim MHY, Cleghorn TF, Wilson JW, Tripathi
JW, Zeitlin CJ.
Physics of the isotopic dependence of galactic cosmic ray fluence behind
Houston, Tex. : National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Johnson Space
Center, [2003] v, 44 p. : ill. (NASA technical publication ; 210792)
(PI: F.A. Cucinotta/Biological Research and Countermeasures)
LOCATORplus ID: 101193993
Full text (in PDF) available from NASA JSC

Prinzel LJ 3rd, Parasuraman R, Freeman FG, Scerbo MW, Mikulka PJ, Pope AT.
Three experiments examining the use of electroencephalogram, event-related
potentials, and heart-rate variability for real-time human-centered adaptive
automation design.
Hampton, Va. : National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Langley Research
Center, [2003] v, 62 p. : ill. (NASA technical publication ; 212442)
(PI: R. Parasuraman/Advanced Human Support Technology)
LOCATORplus ID: 101194535
Full text (in PDF) available from NASA JSC

Liu Y, Badler NI.
Real-time reach planning for animated characters using hardware acceleration.
In: 16th International Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents.
Los Alamitos, Calif. : IEEE Computer Society, c2003. [8] p. : ill.
(PI: N.I. Badler/Advanced Human Support Technology)
LOCATORplus ID: 101193996

Yamamoto K, Takahashi T, Asahara T, Ohura N, Sokabe T, Kamiya A, Ando J.
Proliferation, differentiation, and tube formation by endothelial progenitor
cells in response to shear stress.
J Appl Physiol. 2003 Nov;95(5):2081-8. Epub 2003 Jul 11.

Note (#13)

Method tested on STS-108
Dalton P, Gould M, Girten B, Stodieck LS, Bateman TA.
Innovative Methodology: Preventing annoyance from odors in spaceflight: a
method for evaluating the sensory impact of rodent housing.
J Appl Physiol. 2003 Nov;95(5):2113-21.

Silver FH, DeVore D, Siperko LM.
Highlighted Topics: Physiology of Aging: Invited Review: Role of
mechanophysiology in aging of ECM: effects of changes in mechanochemical
J Appl Physiol. 2003 Nov;95(5):2134-41. Review.

Pattison JS, Folk LC, Madsen RW, Booth FW.
Highlighted Topics: Physiology of Aging: Selected Contribution: Identification of
differentially expressed genes between young and old rat soleus muscle during
recovery from immobilization-induced atrophy.
J Appl Physiol. 2003 Nov;95(5):2171-9. Epub 2003 Aug 01.

Lorant M, Nadasy GL, Raffai G, Monos E.
Remodeling of the rat saphenous vein network in response to long-term
gravitational load.
Physiol Res. 2003 Oct;52(5):525-31.

Brown CM, Hecht MJ, Neundorfer B, Hilz MJ.
Effects of lower body negative pressure on cardiac and vascular responses to
carotid baroreflex stimulation.
Physiol Res. 2003 Oct;52(5):637-45.

Frenette J, Chbinou N, Godbout C, Marsolais D, Frenette PS.
Macrophages, not neutrophils, infiltrate skeletal muscle in mice deficient in
P/E selectins after mechanical reloading.
Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2003 Oct;285(4):R727-32. Epub 2003 Jun

Mistlberger RE, Antle MC, Webb IC, Jones M, Weinberg J, Pollock MS.
Circadian clock resetting by arousal in Syrian hamsters: the role of stress and
Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2003 Oct;285(4):R917-25. Epub 2003 Jul

Zador E, Wuytack F.
Expression of SERCA2a is independent of innervation in regenerating soleus
Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2003 Oct;285(4):C853-61. Epub 2003 May 28.

Haker H, Misslisch H, Ott M, Frens MA, Henn V, Hess K, Sandor PS.
Three-dimensional vestibular eye and head reflexes of the chameleon:
characteristics of gain and phase and effects of eye position on orientation of
ocular rotation axes during stimulation in yaw direction.
J Comp Physiol A Neuroethol Sens Neural Behav Physiol. 2003 Jul;189(7):509-17.
Epub 2003 May 29.

Ballarini F, Biaggi M, Edwards A, Ferrari A, Ottolenghi A, Pelliccioni M,
Scannicchio D.
Estimating mixed field effects: an application supporting the lack of a
non-linear component for chromosome aberration induction by neutrons.
Radiat Prot Dosimetry. 2003;103(1):19-28.

Note (#23)

Study of effects of EMFs on cells grown in two and three dimensions, including a rotating wall vessel
Goodwin TJ.
Physiological and molecular genetic effects of time-varying electromagnetic fields on human neuronal cells.
Houston, Tex. : National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Johnson Space
Center, [2003] iv, 29 p. : ill. (NASA technical publication ; 212054)
LOCATORplus ID: 101193989

[Special issue: Molecular mechanism of the adaptation of terrestrial plants to
gravity environment on Earth]
Biol Sci Space. 2003 Aug;17(2):105-48. English, Japanese.

Kamisaka S.
[Preface to special issue "molecular mechanism of the adaptation of terrestrial
plants to gravity environment on Earth"]
Biol Sci Space. 2003 Aug;17(2):105-7. English, Japanese.

Morita MT, Tasaka M.
[Mechanism of gravi-sensing and -transduction in gravitropism of higher plants]
Biol Sci Space. 2003 Aug;17(2):108-15. Japanese.

Ueda J, Miyamoto K.
[Graviresponse in higher plants and its regulation in molecular bases:
relevance to growth and development, and auxin polar transport in etiolated pea
Biol Sci Space. 2003 Aug;17(2):116-25. Japanese.

Fujii N, Takahashi H.
[Auxin-mediated response of cucumber seedlings to gravity]
Biol Sci Space. 2003 Aug;17(2):126-34. Japanese.

Hoson T, Wakabayashi K, Soga K.
[Gravity resistance, another graviresponse in plants--function of
anti-gravitational polysaccharides]
Biol Sci Space. 2003 Aug;17(2):135-43. Japanese.

Nakamura T.
[Control of morphogenesis of woody plant by gravity on Earth]
Biol Sci Space. 2003 Aug;17(2):144-8. Japanese.

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