Office of Biological and Physical Research (OBPR)

Welcome to the NASA Office of Biological and Physical Research (OBPR) Tasks and Bibliography for FY 2002 (FY02 Task Book). Please read the Introduction for more general information regarding the Task Book. For instructions on how to navigate the search page, read the Search Instructions. The search page provides access to both Biological and Physical research data, and for a summary of all metrics, try the Task Summary, and U.S. Maps. NASA/NIH Center for Three-Dimensional Tissue Culture Annual Report.

Principal Investigator:
Last Name: First Name: MI:
Project Title:
Institution: Institution Type:
State: Congressional District:
Joint Agency Participation:
Project Type: Ground Transitional ATD Flight Interdisciplinary
Bibliography Type:
Responsible Center: HQ JPL JSC
    Specific for Biological Sciences: ARC KSC NSBRI
    .Specific for Physical Sciences: GRC MSFC
Key Word:
Flight Mission/Program    Bion    Biorack    ISS    Mir
     (Flight Tasks only and specific for Biological Sciences)    Neurolab    Pre/Post Flight    Shuttle    Shuttle/ISS
Specific for Biological Sciences:
Selected NASA Research Programs
   NASA Specialized Centers of Research and Training(NSCORT)
   Graduate Student Research Projects(GSRP)
   National Space Biomedical Research Institute(NSBRI)
   Internal Project
Specific for Biological Sciences:
Specific for Physical Sciences:
Advanced Human Support Technologies
   Advanced Environmental Monitoring and Control
   Advanced Extravehicular Activity
   Advanced Life Support
   Space Human Factors Engineering
   Cell Science
   Cellular Biotechnology & Tissue Engineering
   Microbial Biotechnology
   Physical Sciences, Separation and Purification
   Protein Crystal Growth
   Structural Biology
   Biomolecular Physics & Chemistry
Biomedical Research and Countermeasures
   Behavior and Performance
   Biomedical Countermeasures
   Environmental Health
   Operational and Clinical Research
   Radiation Health
   Bone Biology
Combustion Science
   Droplets, Sprays, Particles, Dust Clouds, Nanoparticles
   Gaseous Diffusion Flames
   Gaseous Flames - Premixed
   Surface Combustion, SHS, Fire Safety and Smoldering
Fundamental Space Biology Program
   Advanced Technology Development
   Cellular and Molecular Biology
   Developmental Biology
   Evolutionary Biology
   Molecular Structures and Physical Interations
   Organismal Biology
Fluid Physics
   Cell Science
   Colloid Science
   Complex Fluids
   Droplet Motion
   Dynamics and Stability
   Fluid Transport Phenomena
   Granular Flows
   Interfacial Phenomena
   Liquid Crystals
   Mail Reviews
   Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer
   Separation Science
Fundamental Physics
   Biological Physics
   Critical Point Phenomena
   Gravitation & Relativity
   Gravitational & Relativistic Physics
   Laser Cooled Atomic Physics
   Low temperature Condensed Matter Physics
   Low Temperature Physics
   Low Temperature Physics - Technology
   Relativity & Grqvitation
Materials Science
   Basics of Solidification
   Electronic Materials
   Glasses and Ceramics
   In Situ Resource Utilization
   Mail Reviews
   Metals and Alloys
   Metals and Alloys II
   Radiation Shielding