nasataskbook 01/01/2003
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Human Systems Research and Technology (HSR&T) Office
Task Book Search Instructions
   The HSR&T office consists of three main research divisions: Bioastronautics (UB), Fundamental Biology (UF), Physical Sciences (UG).

The search page allows you to browse all NASA funded tasks for the fiscal year across all three divisions of HSR&T.

To perform a search, enter search criteria and click Start Search or hit Enter. The results page will show a Summary of found PI/Task metrics followed by a task list displayed alphabetically by PI last name. Note that searches made across divisions will list tasks for Biological Sciences ahead of Physical Sciences tasks.

Individual Task Information may be browsed by clicking on the task. Click Back on the screen to return to the found task list.

To Refine a Search, click the Start New Search button and modify existing search criteria.

To perform a New Search, click Clear and enter new search criteria.

Entering Search Criteria:
  1. Text Fields: PI name, Project title, Institution, Keyword

  2. Information may be typed into any of the above searchable text fields as whole or partial words/terms.
    • PI Specific:
      Entering Akin into the last name field will display all tasks associated to this PI only. (If the letter A is entered into the Last Name field, the search page will display ALL HSR&T tasks that have a PI whose last name begins with A listed in order of Biological Sciences then Physical Sciences tasks).
    • Task Specific:
      Entering information in the Title, PI Institution or Keyword fields will display all related tasks.

  3. Radio Buttons/Check boxes:

  4. These selections can be combined with other search criteria to obtain a more refined result set and are useful for multiple task searches and program matrices. Note that searches that combine a Biological Sciences Division with a Physical Sciences Research Program (and vice versa) will return zero record. If you are selecting multiple programs across HSR&T, make sure the Check All button is selected at the top of the search page.

  5. Drop-down boxes:

  6. These are scrollable menus with fixed criteria of which only one option may be selected.

NASA Research and Education Support Services Curator: NASA Research and Education Support Services
Responsible NASA Official: Greg Lindsay